Perla Braga

Perla Braga

Location: Brazil

I'm an artist from Brasil, Rio de janeiro city I have been painting and doing sculptures since 1978 until now. I work and live in Rio de Janeiro. I teach art for Children an adults for a long time.

Higher education

Usu -1974-1978- Architecture

(2012) - Bela Biennal of European and Latin American Contemporary Art

(2011) - Salon Paris-France-artshopping Works of painting of Perla Braga

(2011) "Tropical Cafe" at the Cultural Centre of Finland Poleeni

"Pink Shock" Hidden Zone, Area Cedin,
2001-2 Crea Arts Hall

"Trends" - Cultural CREA - Ana Braga Biochini and Perla L


Parallely Universe

Painting on canvas and acrylic collors,dim 80 x80 cm


Acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm