Olga Alexeeva

Olga Alexeeva, the Russian born, came to USA in 1991 with no skill or even language. Former stage actress, she had to acquire a new way of life, creating new friends and habits. She started to paint in 2003 as a hobby, taking lessons and workshops. Decade later she opened her own O gallery and now avid painter and art teacher. Her style include abstract, realism, figurative and mixed media.



"Anticipation" “"Anticipation"”

Mixed media, 20"x24". Framed

'Amber" “'Amber"”

Mixed media, 48"x48"

"Only Pearls" “"Only Pearls"”

Oil, 18"x24" Framed

"Moulding" “"Moulding" ”

Acrylic, 24"x36" Framed


"Blue Eyes" “"Blue Eyes"”

Acrylic, 48"x60"

"Chant" “"Chant"”

Oil, 24"x18"

"Blues" “"Blues"”

Acrylic, 36"x36"

"Cozy Couture" “"Cozy Couture"”

Oil, 2 panels, total 48"x36"

"Abundance" “"Abundance"”

Oil, 24"x18", Framed

"Dialogue" “"Dialogue"”

Acrylic, 36"x24", Framed

"Embrace" “"Embrace"”

Oil, 30"x30"

"Energy" “"Energy"”

Acrylic, 36"x36"

"Flora" “"Flora"”

Oil, 24"x18", Framed