Daniel Falabella

Daniel Falabella

Location: Argentina

I was born in Argentina in 1967 in a small town in the province of Buenos Aires
My childhood passes in the field, in close contact with nature
I graduated in electrical engineering and then started to study art in workshops.
Since then the passion for painting absorbs me, allowing me to develop
a style very personal and recognized
I am an artist who received important awards in Argentina
where I have had solo exhibitions and group
also participated in exhibitions in Italy and US
and I have works in museums, private collections and the Vatican


Argentinian artist FalaBella’s oil on canvas works feature
exaggerated emotionality, archetypal human figuration,
wholesome natural landscapes and chic geometric stylings.
Drawn to earthen hues and azures skies, the works
build an easy bridge into the ripe orchards of the artist’s
imagination. With clear anchors in mythology and
perhaps magical realism, FalaBella’s creations often
have a narrative quality, and impart their own kind
of wisdom via visual cues and powerful ancient
symbolism. Enhanced by the colors, light and forms
of nature, particularly trees, fields, and their ilk, each
painting serves to probe the primordial relationships
between nature and culture, real and imaginary.
Beguiling viewers with classic references to Latin
American traditions such as masquerade, the works
unfold in glittering bits and glowing pieces, to be
digested by each viewer in his or her own time.


Carnavales de Venecia

Carnival of Venice

Your magic surrounds everything
rivers alike cover streets
people, nobles,
poets, artists,
solids, spectra,
estigman immortal your insides,
All of Venice is a ghost.

Your masks hide
after excessive beauty
fears, miseries,
laughter, desires,
love, secrets,
everything shelter stale facades,
Your darkly colored dresses.

Under Spells chimeras
your charm makes you dream
water, stones,
ecstasy, raptures,
years, stories,
so exalted spell around you,
after that mystical dance of reflections.

With the world rendered to your grace
Carnaval you will be forever ...
Venice forever !!!