Adina Cicort

American painter, photographer and design entrepreneur of Romanian birth. Born in 1978, in a family of artisans, grew up learning and being inspired by traditional Transylvanian arts and crafts.
She began painting and drawing as a young child, and studied under various professional artists. Holds a Bachelor Degree in Marketing from Bucharest University of Economic Studies. And became the youngest hospitality female entrepreneur in Romania at the age of 23.
In 2004, in pursuit of self-identity and freedom of expression, she moved to the United States, where she turned to her childhood passion for studio arts. Works in oil, acrylic, mixed media and photography. Her artwork continues the thought and feeling of abstract expressionism while influenced by the feminist artistic movement, and the spiritual and social unrest marking the dawn of the third millennium.
Speaker of English, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and German, Cicort’s multicultural personality and depth of thought reflect in her art. A natural born artist, she experiences human consciousness as a world explorer, traveler and seeker of life’s fundamental truths.
Abstracting thoughts, emotions and light, the artist creates a powerful visual impact. Resulting in a subtle brain heart connection. Love, sensuality and eroticism are the center of Cicort’s work, attempting to restore Woman’s divine nature in a world built on ego, destruction and war. Read more at


Blue Waters

2015, Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas, 36x36 inch.

Gold Country “Gold Country”

2015, Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas, 36x36

Vintage Bicycle “Vintage Bicycle”

2016, Photography