Toshiko Nishikawa

“The time is passing through my existence.
There is my existence in one passing point of evolution of mankind.
I was born to be a medium that gives birth to art works.
It is the unification of the feeling of incredible waves of emotion and birth of unknown dimension that humans can never see through their eyes as actual shapes or words, but can see and feel in their imagination. Thus, my art is very different not only because I combine an acrylic box and a canvas to make an art piece, but because I also use the shadows of the shapes on the acrylic box. The position of light or where people stand will change the vision of my art works dramatically, so the work can not be completed without human imagination.
I would like my art to reach and influence all people around the world and be appreciated by those who previously had no interest in art. By looking at my artwork, I wish for all of them to have an opportunity to be free from the object world. I want to give them the opportunity to use their imagination to grow out of their bodies and experience the richness of our souls.
I am just a medium, not a scientist nor a philosopher, so I just wait for that moment in time that energy comes and bears the things that should be born.
Agony and unimaginable pain let me know how heavy my role is.
Living as a woman is so wonderful, living as an artist is so interesting.
Living as a human being is just an amazing experience to me.”

2010 Senbaruzu: an interactive installation by Toshiko Nishikawa
Reflections of the World in 1000 Mirrored Orbs, hand-painted by the artist
press release
2006-07 Agora Gallery, New York, NY, Oct. 21, 2006 - Jan. 21, 2007

2012 Tenri gallery in NY.
2011 Ise gallery. WAHA gallery in NY.
2011 Toast walk open studio tour.
2011,HAFH Exhibition at Hummond Museumin NY.
2009 Biennale of Contemporary Art, Florence, Italy, December 5-13
Toast Walk, Open Studio, Tribeca, NY, April 24 - 27
Agora Gallery, New York, NY, Feb. 24 - March 17
Ico Gallery, New York, NY, Jan. 6 - 30
2008 JAA, New York, NY, Aug. 19 - 30
Bodensee Art Fair, Dornbirn, Austria, Galerie Fetzer,July 24 - 27
HAFA Exhibition, Miwa Salon, New York, NY, Jan. 16 - March 12
2007 Toast Walk, Open Studio, Tribeca, NY, April 27 - 30
2006 Art Now, Hiroshima City, Japan, Aug. 18 - 22
NYCoo Gallery, Contemporary Art Exhibition, New York, NY, May 3 - 27
Yokohama City Hall, Japan, Invitation show, March 11 - 16
kanagawa prefecture Hall, Japan, Invitation show, March 11 - 16
2005 JAA, Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY. Oct. 5 - Nov. 12
HAFA 2 Exhibiton at Miwa - Alex Salon, New York, NY. Oct. 15 - Nov. 19
TAF, Fukuoka, Japan. Oct. 25 - 30
JAA, Hammond Museum, North Salem, NY, Oct. 5 - Nov. 12
JAA, Tenri Gallery, New York, NY. Aug 30 - Sept. 13
Broome Street Gallery, New York, NY.
Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo, Japan (curated by Hashimoto Printing Co.)
2004 HAFA, Japanese Consulate General, New York, NY., Oct. 20 - Nov. 19
New Project in Gallery at Akarennga Souko, Minatomirai, Japan, Oct. 16 - 21
The Fusion, Busan, South Korea, July 27 - Aug. 9


Searching True love

a woman is in the world where complicated energy wires around her all over, she trying to find the true love but she can not know it is just over her. She did not notice it.
She also in a small invisible box that she can not actual see it.
Sometimes we can not see well but people from faraway can see well.