Francois Fournier

Francois Fournier

Location: Canada

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Nature varies itself relentlessly. It is my contact with this constantly changing environment that inspires my creations. By observing its shifting seasons, days, hours, or moods, I interpret the same area differently every time I return to it. I find that when I revisit a location, nature has renewed itself: light and atmosphere may have changed various physical features and modified curves, colours and textures.

Throughout my production, I have learned to discover the natural world more intensely. I believe I capture its true essence a little more every time. Nature seems to reveal a few more secrets; whenever, I am in touch with it.

My painting style could be qualified as impressionist-expressionist. My painting mediums are oil paint and oil pastel. However, it is my close relationship with nature; that gives me the most satisfaction. When I paint, I enjoy familiarizing myself with a variety of details that I probably would have overlooked in another context.

My paintings are the offspring of an intimate relationship between nature and myself.


Landscape Oil Painting