Michelle Purves

Michelle Purves

Location: Australia


"Emotions and Moods. A habit we share with the sky."

Contemplation of emotion and imagination unite in the magnificence and aesthetic superiority of clouds. A canvas which human moods from dark and moody, romantic, sensual, to carefree are reflected. Clouds in the foreground to those disappearing over the horizon, serve as a reminder of the past, present and the future.
My paintings are in oil and my technique is non-conformist with an emphasis on colour.
I have exhibited in USA, London, Rome, Sydney, China, Zurich, and Tokyo. Significant awards include "artiste emergent" Monaco in 2015. Runner up Global Art Awards (in assoc. Armani and Wall street Journal) Dubai 2017.
I reside in Australia.
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Article by David Mackenzie" Stop and Watch the Clouds..Monaco Mag 2015
"Purves frequently strips the scenescape of everything that is not the subject she wishes to explore, allowing the subject’s nuances and often overlooked character to be revealed. In particular, she displays an appreciation of the emotional potential and physical importance of clouds.

Commonly dismissed as unwanted obstructions to the aesthetic superiority of a bright sunny day, clouds, in Purves’ work, are championed as humble heroes: givers of gifts, above all the gift of all life, as the deliverers of rain and water. The clouds provide the sky with a canvas onto which light can project an endless array of designs and patterns, which we may then interpret as a reflection of human moods, from dark and moody to delicate and care-free. These paintings do not try to push an agenda or pass comment on socio-political problems, they are presentations of life and emotion, a reminder of our ever-changing moods …


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