Location: Belgium

BIOGRAPHY Véronica BARCELLONA (Artist Plastician)

Veronica BARCELLONA (1970) - Belgium
Veronica Barcellona was born in 1970 in Mons and lives in Saint-Ghislain.
She studied at Saint-Luc in Arts in Mons.
She had three solo exhibitions in Belgium and Switzerland 6 participations group in Belgium, France and the United States. His works are in private collections in many countries.
She won the title of Officer and the Silver Medal for the Arts section of the Academy of Arts and Letters, Philosophy of Toulon in France



Véronica Barcellona

Visual artist of Italian origin, children of immigrant parents, I grew up in an environment where the desire to learn and analyze a vector and has been a choice for me to invest in the arts.

My approach is to express my feelings and opinions of my choices transposed through messages and symbolism found in areas of the world in which I live. My artistic work is reflected in the varying media of pictorial experimentation using the techniques. I develop various subjects with a common thread stimulated by my rant and my heart blows.

Color is everywhere in my compositions because it rhythm, formats and gives depth to the topics I do. I have an affinity with the techniques of acrylic painting and oil that have the ability to make matter and light. Different media on which I speak are: canvas, paper, cardboard, resin .... These choices of materials relate to multiple possibilities and workability by the texture they can return.


Bulles de Poissons “Bulles de Poissons”

Derision, in my creations, plays on all records and remains my argument vis-à-vis society, ideologies, stereotypes and utopias.

By definition, we learn the Petit Robert, derision is the contempt that encourages laughter, to laugh. This mindset is often used in the media but also in poetry, music, painting and other areas. Why? Much because it disturbs it fun!
One way to eliminate the frustration is undoubtedly derision. It is the ultimate challenge to misfortune and bulwark against loneliness. It is obviously a part of democracy and bring things and men to a more accurate measurement.
I believe derision than exaggeration, it is in the invention.

We live in a society of derision, at the same time, is unfortunately devoid of humor.
Yet one does not go without the other because if no one knows mockery mocking others, humor, being able to laugh at yourself!

Veronica Barcellona