Marie Rayner

I am a floral and nature artist. My portfolio includes flowers, plants, roots and seed pods, all from studies I have made in some of the world's most beautiful botanical gardens and parks. I live in the English countryside so I am surrounded by beauty and inspiration. I in various mediums in various sizes from A6 up to 1.5 x 1.5 metres. My experience includes illustration for a number of London design agencies and clients as well as teaching art at every level. I am used to working to very tight and exacting briefs.


The beauty of Nature

Nature is my inspiration. This small selection of work is from my website and represents some of the work I have created for sale and for commissions.

Parrot Tulips “Parrot Tulips”

Tulipa, Parrot Tulips, From a still life study 22-04-19, 594x841mm, original painting on Bockingford watercolour 300gm, POA

Hibiscus “Hibiscus”

Hibiscus Arnottianus, Hibiscus, From a study in Faro, Portugal, 10.08.18, 1.5m square, Acrylic origin on canvas, POA

African Tulip Tree “African Tulip Tree”

Spathodea campanulata, African Tulip Tree, From a study in Ischia, Italy, 10.02.20, A3, 297 × 420 mm, Gouache on Arches grain satin, hot pressed paper, 245 gm, POA

Lily (Pink) “Lily (Pink)”

Zantedeshia, Lily (pink), From a still life study 25-02-18, 360x260mm, acrylic on 300 gsm Arches, grain satin, hot pressed paper, original painting, POA

Single Rose “Single Rose”

Rosa Rosaceae, Single Rose, from a still life study in Collingham, Nottinghamshire, England, 07.05.20, 1.5m x 1.5m, Acrylic on canvas, POA