Magdalena Hajnosz

Magdalena Hajnosz

Location: Poland

Magdalena Hajnosz
painting, drawing and photography. Graduated of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1980). Many solo and group exhibitions in Poland and Belgium. Author of the book „Warsaw with his head up „ – Warsaw photographic guide


Book of Robots

The Book of Robots

Return to Lem.
Stanisław Lem, the author of cosmic and ridiculous stories that weave fiction and reality in a in a unique way.
A little smile doesn't hurt anyone. Cdn...

Canvases - mainly portraits - of The Book of Robots were created.
The characters from Stanisław Lem's stories are never abstract. Even if the action takes place in a distant galaxy and the characters are bizarre, their feelings and more flaws are very human. The whole cosmos is in us and in our heads. The cosmos is in us, we are the cosmos of others.
Stanislaw Lem's robots are very human. Their adventures are perhaps your story and mine. Or not...

The first Robot, was created from light. The light of the sun seeped through the window of my studio and outlined the first figure. Boldly looking out and listening to the weather reports. Apparently, out of this excitement, he must have lit cigarette. I didn't see it but maybe he did. If so, maybe he's just disguised as a robot? I'm sure he's colorful and friendly. Color is the most important thing right now.
Here come the others. The queue for portraits is long...

Big Chef “Big Chef”

The Big Boss is an important and enigmatic figure. His speech is digital.
Acrylic/oil on canvas, 130x100 cm

First man of system “First man of system”

The first Robot, was created from light.He looks boldly and listens to weather reports. Maybe he is just dressed as a robot? He is certainly colorful and kind.
Acrylic/oil on canvas, 130x100 cm

Green Man “Green Man”

A GreenMan who nourishes on light and is friendly to the whole world.
Oil on canvas, 80x60 cm