Lyubov Momot

Born in the Ukraine, Lyubov received a B.F.A. in Painting and a M.F.A. in Fine Arts and Textile Design. She has had thirteen solo shows and participated in twenty-six group exhibits. She is known for her signature style, ‘Magical Realism’,
though her works range from Realism to Abstraction. Ms. Momot is a recognized painter in both Europe and the United States. Today, she lives and works in Chicago.


Magic Realism

Bellissima “Bellissima”

Oil on canvas. Love Triangle from the Classical Italian Theater

Forbidden Red “Forbidden Red”

Oil on canvas. From the 'Temptation' Series

 Eve “ Eve”

Detail from 'Forbidden Red', Oil on canvas. From the 'Temptation' Series

Prayer for the Free Soul “Prayer for the Free Soul”

PSYCHE, Goddess of the SOUL was represented in ancient Greece as a BUTTERFLY.....Set your soul free ! (Oil on canvas.)