Rita Schwab

Rita Schwab Artist Biography
Rita Schwab was born in Heidelberg, Germany Rita has always loved to paint and do things with her hands since childhood Graduated from High School in Heidelberg in 1971 Studied Art Education at the Heidelberg University Immigrated to the United States through a Fulbright scholarship in 1973 Bachelor’s of Fine Art from the University of South Florida in Tampa Moved to Tallahassee, FL; work-study program at Florida State University Master’s Degree in Fiber Arts from FSU.
Rita worked for various art organizations as an Assistant Art Director, educator and college adjunct, workshop leader, and private instructor to adults and children. Rita has been a self-employed studio artist since the 80’s
Today she works in mixed media using primarily acrylics on textured surfaces primed with compounds. By inlaying natural components such as sands and soil, shells, rocks, pigments from roots and plants, she adds her natural components that makes her work so unique and ‘earth-oriented’. Her colors are oils, acrylics and enamels to play with depth and surface design. Her paintings are finished with resins for a high gloss or an exterior stone finish for a natural look. Rita enjoys working in multiples. “I never work on just one painting; I do series work. I paint on several canvases simultaneously, which gives the ‘body’ of work consistency and continuity. I love to break up the canvas into diptychs, triptychs and multiples and juxtapose the images. My most challenging multiple creation was a 64 piece puzzle.”
Rita shows her work locally, nationally and internationally in galleries and museums, at juried fine art shows and art cooperatives.
For a special commission, interior mural art or a private consultation please contact Rita at earthelements01@gmail.com or call 845 667 0166. Thank you.
Please LIKE her Facebook webspage at Earth Elements or www.facebook.com/artforthesoal?ref=hl to see her class schedule and newest art creations. Thank you.


Conscious Sensitivities

"Conscious Sensitivities" are abstract paintings that explore mindful awareness of secondary perceptions such as 'out of the corner of the eye' impressions,
intuitive imagery and a feel for personal reality. They deal with harmony in color, the fragility of balance, depth through texture and implementation of our
organic elements. Most works presented are on canvas, however I also often work on board, painting into a highly tactile fresco base using oils and acrylics and
natural pigmentation. All works are sealed with professional artist resins, urethanes or matte finishes.

Atrium “Atrium”

Mixed media painting on canvas 5' x 4' x 2"
using oils, acrylics, enamels, natural pigments
Heavily textured with sand, joint compound
Finished with Damar varnish; $ 3,600.00

'Atrium' close-up “'Atrium' close-up ”

Here you can see the trowel strokes below the painted surface, the wavy and net-like textures, the sand application and the depth in variety of color.
Enamels are added last for an extra splash! The "orange and brown" below surface applications are earth pigments such as soil and ground barks.

'Lucid' “'Lucid'”

'Lucid' is another conscious sensitivity painting on canvas in a mixed media using acrylics, sands, soils and oils.
Size is 2' x 4' x 2" ; $ 1,600.00
This painting is finished with a high gloss acrylic resin.

Eclipse “Eclipse”

Eclipse is about the opposite intense energies and chaos felt during a solar eclipse, ecstatic, violent and awe-stricken.
Eclipse is painted in acrylics on canvas; 48"x 60"; framed; $3,500.00

The Path Not Taken “The Path Not Taken”

'The Path Not Taken' is about the contemplation of opportunities that were presented but not choses. Would it have lead to light, to obstacles, to greater transparencies?
Abstract Painting on canvas in acrylics, textured with tissue and sand; poly-acrylic finish; famed; 24"x48"; $ 1,800.00

Celebration “Celebration”

'Celebration' is a happy colored painting in bright yellows, lilacs and blues; negative positive patterned energy flows with some collage. It evokes a celebratory feeling and reminds me of a fireworks.
Acrylic painting on canvas; poly-acrylic sealed; 24" x 48"; $ 1,800.00

Celestial Allignment “Celestial Allignment”

'Celestial Alignment' is a sensitive smaller work of oil washes on canvas with some circular texture supported by red acrylics, suggesting celestial bodies. The painting is coated with a transparent glitter acrylic that leaves fine crystal like sparkles throughout the painting. It is sealed with an acrylic resin. This is a smaller painting of 12" x 24"; framed; $ 550.00