Andrea Maw

Andrea Maw has been putting paint to canvas since her early twenties. Artistic talent runs deep in Andrea’s family. Her grandfather was a painter of note in Germany in the early 1900s. Her mother Ingrid Losch painted extensively throughout Andrea’s childhood which greatly influenced Andrea's interest, confidence and passion for painting.


Recent Works

I paint in a style of hyper-realism using oils on canvas. This portfolio is a sampling of recent works.

Crystal Clear “Crystal Clear”

Since glass and water are technically transparent, it is the interplay of the color and nature of the surrounding environment that informs the visual effect through light, shadow and the qualities of displacement of the water and glass. The presence of the glass transforms a setting purely by its presence. So too, as human beings we can choose what is seen through us, and in turn, influence how reality is perceived merely through our presence.

Forever Forward - Girl In The Yellow Dress “Forever Forward - Girl In The Yellow Dress”

The world seems entirely unpredictable nowadays providing us in equal measure a sense of foreboding of the unknown as much as an excitement for creating our lives anew in everyday big and small ways. My series ‘Reflections On Wet Pavement’ catches a momentary glimpse of those comings and goings. Oil on Canvas 36”x48”

Chandelier “Chandelier”

I love expressing the interplay of light through glass within my works. My antique chandelier is a wonderful showcase of the interplay of light reflections and refractions through cut crystal. Similar to the beauty of the complex illuminations within the chandelier, my interest is to inspire us to fully embrace a similar beauty within - that we may embrace and express the richly nuanced interplay of shadow and light within ourselves. For in the fullness of our shadow and our light, what I refer to as our healing, we discover the entire universe within.

Diamond + Two Settings “Diamond + Two Settings”

The fierce brilliance of the diamond as a counterpoint to the soft beauty of the unadorned settings await the star of the show. In a world filled with vital issues, we each have a role, sometimes as supporting cast to make the star shine brightly.

Re-Imagining The World “Re-Imagining The World”

Every aspect of our lives is changing at lightening speed, and while there is much to be frightened off, this is also an exciting time full of possibility to completely re-create our world. Inspiration and clarity come through us in our state of pure, quiet presence. Rather than focussing only on what we don't want, this work brings to light the opportunity for us to imagine and envision what we do want.