Daciana Androne

Daciana Androne

Location: France

As an artist of Romanian origin residing in France, I am self-taught and deeply influenced by the complexities of life, my personal emotions, and spirituality. My artwork has garnered recognition and appreciation around the world, and it's been showcased in private collections in several countries, including the USA, France, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy, Malaysia, and Romania. In addition, my art has also been featured on the walls of renowned institutions like the Elysee Palace and NASA Houston.
Website: fineartdaciana.com

2023 Finalist Certificat for Artexpo New York California, United States
2023 Artistic Excellence of Artist of the year Competition United States
2023 Leone D’Oro Venice, Italy
2022 Biennale international “La Palma d’Oro 2022” Monte-Carlo Bay, Monaco, Monaco
2022 Certificate of honors in the artistic field 2022 Strasbourg, France
2022 Finalist award Artavita with theme « Hope » United States
2021 Artavita 47th International Contest Miami, United States
2021 Luxembourg Art Prize 2021 luxembourg, Luxembourg
2021 Premio Isabela D'Este France
2021 Dante Master Award Florence, Italy
2021 Dante Aligheri Award Casale Monferato, Italy
2021 Finalist 46th Interntional Artavita Contest San Diego, USA, United States
2021 Coup de Coeur Abstract art 201 ARTCertificate Villa Joyosa, Spain
2021 Finalist for Wolrd Wide Magazine ArtaVita Santa Barbara, CA, United States
2021 Finalist Artavita, for NY art Expo New York, United States
2021 Premio Paris Art Expo paris, France
2020 Luxembourg Art Prize Luxembourg
2020 Artcertificate international competion France
2020 Contemporain artist 2020 Padova, Italy
2019 Luxembourg Art Prize Luxembourg,
2019 International artist master Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Attestato di riconocimento di competenza artistica Murano, Venice, Italy

Solo Expositions:

2023 ART3F Monaco Monaco, Monaco
2023 Expo-Bar au Le Rat Perche Arras, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 « Spiritual imprisonment « Hesdin, Pas de Calais, France
2023 Legacy St Pol Sur Ternoise, France
2022 ART3F Bruxelles Bruxelles, Belgium
2022 Spiritual Journey Targu Mures, Mures, Romania
2022 Interferente Deva, Hunedoara, Romania
2019 Interferences Hesdin, France

Collective Expositions:

2023 O soleil Hesdin, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 Expo Galerie Oeil Du Chas Arras, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 Recyclart Saint Pol Sur Ternoise, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 I walk the line.We walk the spiral Bucuresti, Romania
2022 Salon International d'art Contemporain Bruxelles, Belgium
2022 6eme Salon du Petit Format HESDIN, Hauts-de-France, France
2022 Salon International d'art Contemporain Strasbourg, France
2022 Le salon de d'hiver 2022 Paris, France
2021 Le salon de l'automne 2021 Paris, France
2021 Premio Eccellenze Stilistiche 2021 Palermo, Italy
2021 The biggest little things Moniga del Garda, Italy
2021 Meli Melo Hesdin, France
2021 Perspective Bucuresti, Romania
2021 Paris Artexpo paris, France
2021 International Art Master, Berlin Germany
2020 Salon Petit Format 4th edition, France
2020 Espressioni Moniga del Garda, Brescia, Italy
2020 Contemporary Art Expo 2020 Padova, Italy 2020 Jardins d’Hesdin, jardins d’Eden Campagne Les Hesdin, France
2019 It is Humanity, image of the world Bangkok, Thailand
2019 Murano Art Expo Murano, Venice, Italy
2019 Artistes d'Hier d'Aujoud'hui et de Demain BLANGY SUR TERNOISE, France
2019 Jardins d’Hesdin, jardins d’Eden Villeile Hesdin, France
2019 Expotion Collective Hesdin, France
2018 2-eme Salon du Petit format Hesdin, France
2018 Porquoi pas Bleu Blangy sur Ternoise, France
2018 Exposition collective Hesdin, France
2018 Un dimanche artistique St Remy au Bois, France
2018 L'art et les Manieres hesdin, hotel Hypnose, France
2018 Artistes sur L'Herbe Jardin des Sericourt, France
2018 Abstraction, un nouveau regard sur le real Beauranville, France
2017 Salon de Petit format Hesdin, France

Publications & Press:

2023 Daciana Pszota expose à la galerie 46 Hesdin, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 The exhibition “Legacy of the Templars” Saint Pol sur Ternoise, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 La folle ascension de la peintre Daciana Pszota, qui expose son art à travers le monde BLANGY SUR TERNOISE, Hauts-de-France, France
2023 Daciana and Cristina Balan on Tv live interview Bucuresti, Romania
2023 TV Cultural live interview Bucuresti, Romania
2023 I walk the line.We walk the spiral Bucuresti, Romania
2022 „PERSPECTIVE”, primul eveniment din cadrul programului SkyCreatives Bucuresti, Romania
2022 SkyTower inaugurates the “PERSPECTIVE” painting exhibition Buccuresti, Romania
2022 ZHD.ro expo Daciana Deva, Romania
2022 Hunedoara Libera- expozitie Daciana Deva, Romania
2022 AVANTUL liber Deva, Romania
2020 Interview for ER TV News France
2020 Portrait d'artiste, émission diffusé sur France 3, Haute de France le 06/10/2020 Hesdin, France
2020 Interview for Reprehensible Digest magazine North Florida, Florida, United States
2019 Murano Art Expo 2019 -The Glass Cathedral Murano, Italy
2019 Interferences Hesdin, France
2018 Atelier 21 Hesdin, France


Spiritual Journey

Collection inspired by Brancusi's sculptures

Half asleep “Half asleep”

"Half asleep", mixed technique (paper, modelling paste,coarse paste, acrylic, special paint) on 3D canvas, 60x73 cm

Same as my previous painting, this also is an inspiration after Brancusi's sculputre "La muse endormie", a polished bronze sculpture made by Brancusi in 1910 and in the form of a woman's head with closed eyes. Her model is Baroness Frachon.

My "Muse" is in awakening phaze. You can see an eye open and the vibrations that is waking "her" up.

Mlle Pogany still sleeping “Mlle Pogany still sleeping”

« Mlle Pogany still sleeping « mixed technique on 3D canvas 73/60 cm
Inspiration after Brancusi’s sculpture « Mlle Pogany » version 1

His sculpture is described as: a young woman (Margit Pogany) with a large almond-shaped eyes overwhelm the oval face, and a black patina represents the hair that covers the top of the head and extends over the elaborate chignon at the nape of the neck.

Awakening “Awakening”

mixed media on 3D canvas 73/60 cm

My painting is depicting an image of a time spiral after Fibonacci’s spiral... signifies that time is an illusion, is never ending...
in the middle is standing proudly “the cock”... here is the inspiration after Brancusi’s sculpture.

This cock/rooster is replacing, in my painting, the time pointers and is pointing 4h:8m (here is the divine guidance). In numerology 4 and 8 numbers, form a lasting and successful relationship. They know how to together build an empire.
Also, you can see in three different positions the “infinite” columns, (another Brancusi Symbol, used as a pedestal for “the cock” sculpture). Those 3 columns, represents the biblical number of the rooster which means a calling to a spiritual awakening.
The color in the background represents the sun.

Universal love gravity “Universal love gravity”

“Universal love and gravity”, mixed media painting on 3D canvas, 60X73 cm, inspiration after Brancusi’s sculpture “the kiss column” that was adapted later into the “the gate of the kiss”

My painting has this concept that includes the common element of all types of love, the so-called Universal Love, which stands out precisely for not referring to anything in particular.
The only antidote for the egocentrism of pure reason is Love.

There is an interesting parallelism between Universal Love and the attraction of gravity. Both forces are general, natural, invisible, and powerful. It is the enigma of the gravity of love.

For a kiss needs two “For a kiss needs two”

““For a Kiss, needs two!”, mixed media on 3D canvas 60x73 cm

“ Mourning sounds stir.

Your warmth missing from my embrace.

Sleepy eyes shrouding the new light.
Where are you....restless.
I drifted alone, heavy eyes counting the minutes.

Frantically I searched the emptiness, desperate....body and soul wanting for that peace.

There you are...hiding in plain sight, deep in the recesses with f my Psyche.

My arms reached for you,
Your smile,blinding thru the fog of my desperation, within the moment I am caught in forever...

Those outstretched arms surrounding its bliss...

There with you I will stay.”

Lyrics: “Never was alway there” , Eugene Y.

Existensial crisis “Existensial crisis ”

This painting is inspired by the “table of silence” a sculpture by Brancusi, a big cercle surrounded by 12 clepsydric “chairs” ( could represent time, could represent the 12 apostles but also the silence at the table before the battle)...
In my painting are observed 8 circles , the infinity number... also a woman on the middle of the table shadowed by the Time of the Universe....

What Existantial crisis means?
Is also known as the dark night of the soul....

“The Dark Night of the Soul is a spiritual process where the seed of life is buried within the soil of suffering.” Dr. Zinia Pritchard

Such a powerful image and realization that the birth of our true self happens when we experience the suffering and discomfort that arises when we’re confused, lost, and in the dark. It’s been described by many as a kind of death and rebirth.
The Universe is giving you signals and time to awake to become who you’re meant to be and step into the light of the soul to embrace the unconditional love!

The Brancusi’s table has 12 chairs .... so, my painting has a continuity... the second painting is completing this number of 12, but also creating a yin and yang , and the infinity buckle as the birth and death .... coming from a cup of time and going to another cup of time... if you imagine the other half of ♾ , you can see that is happening the same thing... our life is a birth, death and rebirth and on and on.... meanwhile, in all those lifetimes we heal and learn to become a pure soul....