Kendal Menetha

I'm a Florida based photographer who loves life and art. I've been an artist all of my life in many different fields but photography captured my heart.


Black and White

My collection of black and white photos from around the globe.

Church “Church”

A dilapidated church in the middle of Manhattan, New York.

Clouds “Clouds”

Sneakers hanging from some power lines in Oakland Park, Florida.

Danger “Danger”

High voltage storage building in Carmel, California.

Fog “Fog”

As I was traveling along the 405 in California a fog rolled in and a picture had to be taken.

Hotel “Hotel”

I passed this run down hotel in Miami and simply had to capture this image.

Street “Street”

As I was riding the train in downtown Miami, I couldn't help but snap a picture of the street below.