Irina Kupyrova

My interest lies in a contemporary interpretation of a classical genre of figurative and still-life painting. I am interested in painting as a way to translate subtle differences between light and shade, indoors and outdoors; to create atmospheric arrangements reminiscent of leisurely summer afternoons and moody contemplative evenings.

The paintings, inspired by the aesthetics of Modiliani and Egyptian frescoes, are made on a strong canvas that I stretch and prime in my own technique as well as highest-quality oil paints.

I am a classically trained painter, graduated from the prestigious Painting Faculty of the Kiev State Academy of Fine Arts to continue my creative practice in Czech Republic. While keeping up a regular exhibition activity in Czech Republic and internationally, including shows in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium and Switzerland, I find my creative base in my airy studio in Prague, which I share with my partner and my two dogs.


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