Ana Maria Sabatier

Born in the United States, from Cuban parents, has lived all her life in Puerto Rico. Ana Sabatier is a creative and bold artist, she is not afraid to experiment with color and textures. Now she favors particular techniques and skills that she has used in her many works. And while she does a lot of her work on canvas she also works with wood and other materials which gives her the freedom to create more depth and different art techniques. Her favorite medium is acrylics because she can achieve so many different effects using various tools.
Ana always knew she was not closed quarters material, she took to art as soon as she got her first painting by numbers box. Throughout her childhood, she loved to create. Years of artistic expression made it clear that life would be centered upon her passion for art. After high school, Ana attended the Art institute of Fort Lauderdale where she discovered fashion and later on she applied all she learned about color, fabrics and designs to her art and rediscovered her passion for art. Ana is now a professional artist full-time. She lives in Puerto Rico with her supporting husband Gerald, two gorgeous daughters, Ariana and Gianna and her precious pets Lola and Cata.