Joyce Iacono

Joyce Iacono

Location: Canada

Montreal, Canadian born and raised. When I was young I always dappled in drawing, coloring, and in limited ways painting too. I was never quite encouraged to take the artistic path in school, so I quietly developed my own artistic path later in life while studying and subsequently working for a large global corporation. I think it was the need for balance in my life and that fire that I had inside me to be creative and not only in a PowerPoint context ;) Painting brings a meditative quality that helps me focus and frees my mind.

As soon as I see a blank canvas, pick up my brushes, and choose my colors it all explodes on the canvas. It's a brilliant feeling. I am thrilled to be able to share this passion with the world as I have sold my artwork in many countries and am featured in galleries as well. I am incredibly grateful to share this side of me.


Living in the Moment

Sometimes there's a burst of inspiration. A sudden glance at a beautiful flower and all the energy builds in me to put it on canvas. These painting aptly named "Living the Moment" are an expressionistic bouquet full of emotions. Their dynamic brush strokes and gold leaf bring harmony to the painting. Full of texture and gesture, these pieces are elegant, bold and will surely make a luxurious statement in your home. This original acrylic-painted piece is made on a ready to hang stretched gallery-wrapped canvas. Each piece is handmade, unique, and is a one-of-a-kind.

Living in the Moment II “Living in the Moment II”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 42in x 42in

Living in the Moment III “Living in the Moment III”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 36in x 48in

Feeling the love “Feeling the love”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 40in x 48in

You are my world “You are my world”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 40in x 60in

Sweet Caroline “Sweet Caroline”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 36in x 36in

Second Chances “Second Chances”

Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas - 40in x 48in