Trish Elena Morgun

Elena Morgun (Trish) born in 1982 in Russia.
Painter, graphic designer, novel-writer, life-coach.
Main interest - in surrealism, fantasy, magic realism, symbolism. Investigates antroposophy, spiritual traditions, psychology.
Her paintings and crafts are often on show in galleries in Samara, Moscow, New-York. Most originals in private collections in Russia, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada.
Member of International Federation of Artists.
Founder and inspirer of Not-a-casual Studio project and residence since 2006. Author and curator of several projects on the edge of art, psychology and mysticism since 1998.


Visionary Art Trips

Paintings inspired by various spiritual traditions and investigation of mysticism in different cultures - Scandinavian Runes, Kabbalah, alchemy, astrology, archetypes, Tarot etc. Let's look for cross-cultural symbolism capable to influence a spectator's state of mind and touch deep stings of soul.

Go! “Go!”

A plunge into the Archetype of Trixter

Shadow “Shadow”

The piece devoted to Archetype of Umbra - the shaded part of one's mind and subconciousness. Normaly this mental construction is intended to protect us, store and block trauma, taboos, situations able to ruin our identity etc. But bery very often we find out, that we've locked useful resources into Shadow area of out mind. It's worth trying to peep into the Shadow area, discover what's really blocked there, set our own resources free.

The Dot “The Dot”

An artwork that appeals to you: close Gestalt, finalize what you have unfinished, move on to beautiful future without dark burdens of past!

The Cleaners “The Cleaners”

Painting around metaphors of being cleared from any alien or unwanted influence: as a catfish eliminates slime, as a cleaner brushes snow off the road, as dawn wipes away nightmares... Try enter this image in meditation, find your deeply personal association for mental and spiritual freedom.

Spark Of Sunset (Ifrit) “Spark Of Sunset (Ifrit)”

One in a series of paintings devoted to Spirits of Elements in visualization of little girls