Dmitry Stepanoff
I've been drawing since I could remember.
Finished Roerich school. Worked as an artist-designer. Then graduated from the technological institute.
Started as a graphic artist, the first artworks appeared in 1991. Since that time I have created about 200-300 graphical works in A4 format. There are also oil paintings.
Since 1995 I tried to draw on a computer. My painting style varied from year to year.

Now I have discovered, and to put it more precisely I was given this opportunity to discover the new style in painting. I defined it as the Space Electric Surrealism, (SES), this is an alliance of a person's creativity and the opportunity of computer software. The mutual creativity of a computer and a person. Running a few steps forward I can say that it is impossible to draw my objects manually nor to create my pictures in another way! One work has up to five stages of development, beginning from a pencil sketch and up to the dramatic changes at its latest stage. The computer suggests, and I choose. I can repeat my works in oils, but I see no need to do it as it'll take too much time.


To repeat the artwork means to lose the chance to search the better and new artistic style. So the idea of my works is to search, alter and improve new artistic style which comes during the process of connection of creative opportunities of a person and a machine. You may say that such artworks could be produced in any amount, and you'll be right. But I think there is no point in deceiving myself.
The most interesting aspect that also attracts me in this creative impulse is the creation of completely New in the fine arts. To give a new vector to the development of painting!

Saint-Petersburg 2005.


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