Allan Willumsen

Allan Willumsen

Location: Denmark

Allan Willumsen was born in 1970 in Copenhagen Denmark.
After 9 years in elementary school I started EFG graphic line and were therefore trained lithographer. I have worked with images, image processing, digital art and painting for 25 years.

Due to 25 years of work within the graphic industry, I have achieved great knowledge of combining colors. From this approach, an idea came to my head that just had to be tested;
The idea was to create an abstract painting, and as I succeeded, this has become my favourite hobby in the winter season.

Expressing my art, moving into the world of abstract - I get a sense of inner peace.
I feel confident that my temper and the way I feel, shows in my art. Nature, too, is quite inspirational to me.
Finally, I put my own creative force into making just the right abstract expression.

I am deeply fascinated by the numerous ways you can express yourself in an abstract painting; it's almost like trying to count the stars in the sky - it's endless!
Combining the above with my passion to express myself in an artistic way - is the result of my paintings and my digital art.

Please visit my website and discover more about my colorful life.



W.50 cm H.70 cm

The swan “The swan”

Acrylic on canvas.