Anastasia Potekhina

Anastasia Potekhina

Location: Cyprus

I express myself mostly through my self-portraits.
All my photos are made in one shot and are not
collages. I am interested in reflections and shadows,
which I use to create my world.
I was born in Moscow but now I am living in Cyprus. By profession I am an interior
designer. I have been photographing for over 10 years. I have been a participant
in numerous exhibitions. Some of my photos are in museums and private


Alone with myself

In my self-portraits, I have been inspired by forms and shapes, some kind of geometry in objects around me. Sometimes I feel that I want to grow into it and become a part of the space around me. Shadows and reflections are very geometric and rich in forms. They inspire me and I use them to build upon my ideas. All my photographs were taken in one shot, although some of them may look like a collage. But this is something I like doing, when shadows and reflections that i use create the labyrinths of space in my work.