Kelvin Low

Kelvin Low

Location: Malaysia

Born in 1975, he spent most of his developmental years in the Highlands, and this ingrained in him a deep sense of appreciation for nature and a strong awareness of his heritage. It was there that his passion for art was conceived.

His formal training began in New Zealand where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Art from the University of Auckland. For a time, he delved into the pulsating world of Information Technology. He allowed this phase in his life to challenge, enrich and incubate his visual language.

In 2017, he dove into the artworld completely and became a full-time artist. Kelvin exhibited in 5 International Group Exhibitions, including the Art Salon Carrousel du Louvre, Paris, France. He has also been shortlisted in several art awards such as the Global Art Awards, Burj Khalifa, Dubai. His works have also made their marks in different private collections in Tokyo, Sydney, Malaysia, Dubai, London, and Singapore. All these triumphs accomplished within a year.

As if coming forth from a chrysalis, Kelvin Low has metamorphosed into an extraordinary artist with “Energy” as his subject of artistic exploration. Kelvin Low has fully emerged.


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