Andrew Arthur

Andrew Arthur is a LA-based contemporary artist, exhibited in galleries worldwide for twenty years. Arthur’s art is about communication, known for his bold and striking images, he leaves a coded message in each one of his pieces. During his time at Savannah College of Art & Design Arthur found that his abstract work was highly sought after and sold well, though it was often misinterpreted. This led to motivation to renew his approach. Arthur has spent the last 12 years testing different techniques to transmit a very clear message utilizing shape-based writing systems such as Braille, Morse code, and cuneiform. Inspiration from the Hard Edge movement and insights from the Process and Post Painterly Abstraction movements have helped mold the unique style and concept of his current work.


Morse Code Series

The dots and lines used in the Morse code writing system have been adapted to circles and triangles in this series. The titles of each painting represent the actual words used in the composition. Prominent quadrants separate the words from each other. Letters are defined by shapes with which the lines intersect each other. Shapes pertaining to the makeup of each letter must be read left to right and top to bottom; the tip of the triangle always points down to determine the correct viewing position.