Bargavi Sreedhar

Bargavi Sreedhar

Location: India

Bargavi is a self-taught artist from India, certified in the elementary and intermediate grade drawing examinations conducted by the Art Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra. She has exhibited in international juried art exhibitions and corporate events with special merit recognitions.

Nature, perceived through human eyes, seems to mirror emotions. Sometimes it is vibrant, at other moments calm or perhaps even aggressive; but at all times nature is beautiful. Bargavi likes to spend her time amidst nature and capture this natural diversity in art using oil pastel as a medium, a medium consciously chosen which resonates with the shades of nature. She believes in the healing and cathartic power of art to transform oneself and society. Working on nature artworks has helped her attain inner calm, and she hopes it will help her audience achieve inner understanding and harmony. Humans go through a varying and layered range of emotions, but whether one is happy or sad, gloomy or angry, one mustn’t forget that like nature, one's humanity is always beautiful and should be embraced.

Bargavi also likes to work with acrylic art works with delicate and intricate patterns. She can be reached at


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