Linda Rauch

"I have always been mesmerized with flowers and how they look in different settings. Sometimes I see them in dazzling sunlight dancing in the wind, and sometimes I see them in a misty garden in the early morning or in the evening twilight hours. I like to capture feelings and moods when I paint. My work is somewhere between reality and abstract. I try to create a fantasy or a dream on the canvas. I like for the for the viewer to be able to see beyond photographic reality. I think of my work as a fairy tale."

I run my own gallery in Taos, New Mexico. It is called LINDA RAUCH GALLERY. It is located in the historic district next door to the Harwood Art Museum. I am a native of New Mexico and have been greatly influenced by the rich colors that are present in the Indian and Hispanic cultures here. I love to paint the desert landscapes of New Mexico as well as the colorful gardens that are in Taos.



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Linda Rauch

These images are representative of my acrylic paintings. Some are hard edge fantasies and some are interpretive paintings that portray the feelings and emotions I feel when I paint.

Hollyhock Bouquet “Hollyhock Bouquet”

These colorful hollyhocks were painted on location in Taos, New Mexico. They were growing in my favorite garden that is located in front of the Farmhouse Café. This garden is one of my favorite places to paint. It is large and full of vibrant colors. I look forward to the warm weather each year so that I can paint in this garden.

Morning Glory Bouquet “Morning Glory Bouquet”

These morning glories were growing on my fence and they reminded me of a bouquet because of all of the colors.

Winter Night “Winter Night”

This was inspired from a Thanksgiving snow storm in Taos, New Mexico. It depicts the connection between the earth and the universe. The stars are over sized because at night in the desert the stars look huge.

Dancing With the Wind “Dancing With the Wind”

These are painted ponies that are knee deep in swirling grass. This painting is a fantasy.

Sky Rainbows “Sky Rainbows”

This painting shows the connection between the earth and the universe. I chose ancient prehistoric animals to depict the history of the earth and the sky rainbows to depict the universe.

Powdered Sugar Morning “Powdered Sugar Morning”

This is the gorge which is located in Taos, New Mexico. One winter morning I drove out to the gorge to take photos of the snow. I became fascinated with the heat of the sun and its reflections falling upon the new fallen snow. The mountains looked as if they had been dusted with powdered sugar.

Morning Stars “Morning Stars”

These stunning blue morning glories grew on my fence. This piece shows the heat in the middle of the day when the flowers are all the way open. They have always reminded me of stars when I look at the center of the flowers, so I painted them that way.

Foot Prints “Foot Prints”

This painting is of a field of bluebonnets, Mexican primrose, buttercups and poppies. It was painted in the gorgeous Texas "Hill Country" near Austin, Texas. The spring in this area is stunning. The inspiration for this piece was on a ranch road in front of a farm. This farm had at least 10 acres or more of these gorgeous flowers blooming in front of the house.