Fabio Borges

Fabio Borges

Location: Australia

Fabio is a Brazilian contemporary collage artist based in Sydney-Australia.

His unique style is always collage (digital-analogic), made out of his collection of selected photographs, drawings, religious icons & comic books.

Fabio practices what in Buddhism is called “Dharma Art”. Every element you see in his work has an intention which came from deep contemplation.

He sees himself as an explorer that dives into the shadows, the lights, the ugly and the beautiful parts of the soul.



It all started two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, with a kind "no" coming from one of the most valuable souls in my life. While facing the disappointments, I decided to dive deep into my subconscious and heal some traumas that were always haunting me. Then, life introduced me to people and practices that helped me accept my Karma and recast that into my Dharma: hypnosis, mushrooms, Ayahuasca, family constellations, breathwork, body talk, meditation, wild swim, tarot reading, shamanism, and spiritism, ... all combined with hours and hours of conversations with dear friends struggling with different sides of the same matters. I finally found my purpose in life: to help those struggling with abandonment, abuse & sex addiction using two simple things: the breath & a contemplative practice.
#Cura23 is the documentation of my healing process... Every element represents a person, a situation, a memory or even a feeling. "Cura" means healing in Portuguese, my native language. By coincidence (or not) most of those experiences happened on the day 23...which in several cultures represents transformation, progress, and spiritual growth.

7 Years “7 Years”

This piece is a homage to my marriage, the most important relationship of my life. The eye represents the spiritual awakening that came from that journey but also the co-dependency and attachment between the two souls at that time. Behind all the romance and idealism there was a lot of control, fear and insecurities from both sides. But all those confusions were necessary to help both of us awake and grow as human beings.

Impermanence “Impermanence”

This diptych is a celebration of the impermanence of life.
The waves represent the cycles, the challenges and the people that engage with us in different stages of our journey.
The golden shell symbolises the precious gifts we receive from those experiences, the growth and the lessons we carry on

Psylocybe “Psylocybe”

I made this piece to represent the healing journey facilitated by a south African healer using mushrooms as the vehicle to access my subconscious mind and heal some traumas. During the ceremony, I connected for the first time with my shamanic heritage, a caboclo - the warrior from the jungle.

Abandonment “Abandonment”

This piece represents me and my biggest fear in this life: abandonment.
This is a famous cartoon character from my childhood feeling small and unprotected when he is alone.

The Lion of the Dharma “The Lion of the Dharma”

This is my new God: a combination of my Buddhist side, my Christian background and my shamanic heritage that will protect me in my art and my life choices moving forward.