Gavin Mayhew

I am an artist that loves life and I try to show all aspects of life through my artwork - from the humorous to the dark side. Presently my work depicts the energy and movement of people in various walks of life including dance and sport. I have exhibited world wide and in September, 2011, I exhibited in an international exhibition in Brussels. In September 2012, I exhibited in another international expo in Germany ('5elements') that included new works and performances'
The summer of 2014, sees my largest exhibition so far. It will be a collaboration between myself and the German artist Dieter Löchle, at the Hartlepool Art Gallery.
My website is:-


Art of Movement

Drawings and paintings depicting movement in Dance and Sport

Inverted Spin “Inverted Spin”

Break dancer spinning on his head. Semi abstract drawing of coloured pencils on paper. A3 size. Cost £150

Discus 1 “Discus 1”

Coloured pencil drawing on paper of sportsperson throwing the discus. A3 size. Price £200

Hip Hop “Hip Hop”

Pastel drawing on paper of hip hop dancer spinning on his hand. Size approx 16in x 24in. Price £280

Forearm Spin “Forearm Spin”

Street dancer spinning on hand. Acrylics on canvas. 20in x 30in. Price £280

Tap Dogs “Tap Dogs”

Acrylic/oilbar on canvas 20in x 30in. Dancers in full flight. Price £300

Strictly “Strictly”

Acrylic/oilbar painting on canvas 20in x 30in. A couple strictly come dancing. Price £300

Pole Vault “Pole Vault”

Drawing in coloured pencil on paper for proposed painting. A3 size. Price £150

The Dream “The Dream”

Acrylic/oils on canvas. Ballerina falling as if in a dream. 36in x 48in

Ballet “Ballet”

Oil pastels on paper. Approx size 16in x 20in. Bellerina

Flying High “Flying High”

Acrylics/oilbar on canvas. Performing dancers. 20in x 30in. Price £300

Blue Splash “Blue Splash”

Dancer from Tap Dogs. Oil pastels on paper. Approx size 16in x 24in. Price £300

Discus “Discus”

Discus thrower. Coloured pencil on paper A3 size. Price £120

Piano piece “Piano piece”

Semi-abstract depiction of piano player belting it out. Acrylic on board. Approx size 30in x 24jn

Rings “Rings”

Gymnast performing on the rings. Painted in inks on canvas.

Mother Earth and the Elements “Mother Earth and the Elements”

Oil stick painting of my depiction of the elements. 100cm x 100cm on canvas

The Dancer “The Dancer”

Oil stick painting on canvas 100cm x 100cm. Dancer in full movement

Movement in 9 parts “Movement in 9 parts”

Oil stick paintings on canvas 100cm x 100cm. 9 small panels that make up one large painting

The Artist “The Artist”

Oil stick painting on canvas 100cm x 100cm depicting the movement made by an artist in full flow (me)

The Musician “The Musician”

Oil stick painting on canvas 100cm x 100cm depicting a musician strumming his guitar

The Swimmer “The Swimmer”

Oil stick painting on canvas 100cm x 100cm depicting a swimmer


A series of unusual sculptures from the 2014 summer exhibition at Hartlepool Art Gallery

Back to Nature “Back to Nature”

A sculpture consisting of wood veneer that morphs the human form with nature

Reflections “Reflections”

A head with reflective scales over it, that throws out subtle shapes of light

Masquerade “Masquerade”

A head made up of different ceramic masquerade masks.

Peace Offering “Peace Offering”

A dark image of a peace offering, symbolising the difficulties of modern conflict by the figure holding a real flower, that eventually whithers and dies.

Dark Fire “Dark Fire”

A rubber hanging sculpture . One of a series of images depicting 'the elements'

De-composition “De-composition”

A small sculpture, mixed nedia, depicting the decomposition of a body as it returns back to the earth