Adele Bantjes

In kindergarten my friends complained to the teacher that I did not want to play with them but rather play with clay!
The only thing that has changed is the medium I work in…

I am a self taught/naïve artist.
I do a low relief in paper onto canvas, and paint it in acrylics. Sometimes I add sand, tealeaves to the paint for some texture. My art takes a lot of time to make. Some of the large ones take up to a month and the smaller ones one to two weeks! It is hard work but very satisfying.

I love to combine the sculptor and painter in me...

All the characters in my art is happy and smiling in a make believe place that I escape to. I hope you are left with a smile on your face after looking at my art, and welcome to my world…

My work has sold all over South Africa and abroad:
England, Ireland, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium and many of my buyers have come back for more


Adele Bantjes Naïve Art

Violinist in black and white “Violinist in black and white”

Acrylic paint and charcoal on paper

Art Deco Flowerlady... “Art Deco Flowerlady...”

Paper relief and Acrylic paint on canvas

Bushveld Safari... “Bushveld Safari...”

Paper relief and acrylic paint on canvas

Welcome my love... “Welcome my love...”

Acrylic paint, ink and charcoal on recycled paper

Trio... “Trio...”

Paper relief on canvas, acrylic paint

When the circus came to town... “When the circus came to town...”

Paper relief and acrylic paint on canvas

Plaaskombuis... “Plaaskombuis...”

Paper relief on canvas, acrylic paint

Love in a hurry... “Love in a hurry...”

Paper relief, acrylic paint on canvas

Crazy Faces... “Crazy Faces...”

Acrylic paint, charcoal and ink on paper