Joann Depolo

JoAnn DePolo is an artist, author, speaker, teacher, and visionary. Her unique paintings of cityscapes, water scenes, and bold abstracts have gained recognition from art collectors internationally. JoAnn’s art can be found hanging in the homes of several celebrities, including world renowned artist Peter Max, recording artist Kenny Loggins, and Major League ball player Omar Vizquel. DePolo’s paintings are published in five art books and she is the author of Making It As An Artist published in 2006 which takes a vivid look at finding a successful path to an art career.

JoAnn is an advocate for advancing art enrichment throughout communities. She is highly sought after for her community arts organizing skills and has served on administrative boards and advisory committees for a number of nonprofit arts organizations including the City of North Olmsted Arts Commission. Her North Olmsted studio and gallery opened in 2011 and is known for dynamic original concept fine art, individualized painting instruction and professional development. Visit to learn more.

The energy, creativity, and personal story of JoAnn DePolo have made her a well-respected leader in the art world.


Abstract Life

Abstract paintings created using unconventional approaches without limits or boundaries. Each day unveils a multitude of present-day concepts that serve as my inspiration to create contemporary abstract paintings. The music created by internationally known music composers Jared and Andrew DePolo, serve as another form of inspiration. I see the color, form and depth of their orchestral compositions then transform them into visual compositions through paint on canvas. The goal is to create artwork that encourages viewers to search beyond the obvious and visualize concepts that are unnoticed or unintentionally buried. Creating abstract paintings invigorates me. For now, I feel it’s the only form of visual art where I can truly bring my unique point of view to life. Enjoy!