Caroline Reid

Caroline Reid

Location: Australia

Contemporary landscape artist working in Canberra Australia.


Caroline Reid

Living and working in Canberra, Australia, Caroline is a contemporary landscape artist specialising in the ‘magical stones’ of the Australian Alps and the Namadji and Kosciusko National Parks. She works in a range of styles from realism to abstraction. This portfolio features some of her en plein air works.

Eagles Nest “Eagles Nest”

The magical tors of Kosciusko National Park stand like sentinels, guarding the spiritual lines of the Walgalu people.

Shepherd’s Lookout, Murrumbidgee River “Shepherd’s Lookout, Murrumbidgee River”

To the west of Canberra, ‘big river’ Murrumbidgee cuts for Millenia through the Brindabella Range, heading north before twisting south west and joining the great Murray Darling River system. This river takes water from the Australian Alps and empties it into the Great Southern Ocean.

Mountain View “Mountain View”

The glasshouse Mountains stand to the west of Noosa and the Pacific coast, solid reminders of the ancient volcanic history of Gondwanaland.

Yperenye “Yperenye”

Meaning caterpillar in Arrernte language, the West Macdonnell Range wriggles west into the Finke Desert.

Night storm Over the Canola “Night storm Over the Canola”

In late evening, a thunderstorm flashes over the canola crop, painted here in semi abstracted form, turning the electric yellow to deep oranges and the sky to the darkest blue grey.