Isaac D Smith

While listening to music, amazing images and colors flow through my mind and body. This has been going on for as long as I can remember and I guess I figured this is how life is for everyone so it never occurred to talk about it or question if others experienced this. Fairly recently, I was asked by my children why I did not allow music to be played at certain times when I was driving. That was the first time I had to think about and verbalize what I was experiencing and realized that not everyone experiences this. Once I started explaining, I have had a more complete understanding of my artwork as well as my mission as an artist. Looking back to the artwork I have created as far back as elementary school, it has pertained to movement, music, color, light, capturing what I was seeing and experiencing. The colors I see range from opaque bold color to transparent light which most likely explains why I am drawn to both oil painting and glasswork.
My soul is nourished through listening to many different kinds of music and experiencing these images and colors. My mission through my art is to Nourish Your Soul Through a Symphony of Light and Colour!


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