Libuše Vyskocilová Liv.


All human life can be expressed in colors.

LiV Libuše Vyskočilová
Born on October 16th, 1955 in Valtice, South Moravia
She studied on Faculty of Fine Arts VUT Brno, is a member of Ex
Libris Czech.
She took place on many painting workshops and lectures.
She learns new techniques and trends permanently.
She established her own art gallery where she works as a curator
She organises lectures, workshops for adults and children as well.
She visited a lot of studios of some famous and many unknown artists
where she collected a plenty of acknowledges and experiences.
She presents her art works on internal and foreign exhibitions.
The colorfull world of acrylic is her domain. Burt she works with
combined techniques, with a tender wet watercolour and oil on
canvas, too.
She likes to make photos of nature and the world all around.
The whole human life can be captured with colours.
Love to nature, the faith and mysticism mingle in my work.
All of that is an ispiration towards abstract and unlimited space of
Diving to the depth of fantasy, ideas, desire, dreams, reality, joy,
sorrow, happiness and love hidden deep inside. Herewith I am forcing
the viewer to think and maybe to learn, to understand the moments of
the life and all the beauty around. To experience the power of