Terence Kneale

Terence Kneale

Location: Australia

I started photography when I was 13 years old and even now, I still love photography more than I ever did. I decided to enter some photography competitions in late 2010 and to date have accrued 128 Awards worldwide. Capturing a worldwide audience, my artistic style has won me many prestigious awards including The Global Photo Awards 2010 Landscape photographer of the year which was incredible to me seeing it was the first competition I ever entered. I've always loved nature & this is what most of my art is created from. Using the natural wonders inspires me to capture these moments in time not only for my lifetime but for generations after. Bringing awareness of the environment of this great planet we live on through the lens is very special to me and showing what nature has to offer in the form of Art as well as the peace it brings to one's soul. Whether it's looking at the Landscape or the wildlife, this is how I relax with the camera around my neck. I am very lucky to have all of this in my own backyard of Australia. Having started my own photography business in 2012 I spend every second of free time to my Art to evolve and create as an artist which I love so much. I have an e-commerce website for my Art which prints & frames the Artwork with Archival materials which is in-line with Museum standards that lasts for generations. My new and improved Artist website is Artpal.com/tezzasfineart. Take a look!, there's lots of Art to see & buy. All artworks can be purchased through PayPal using tezza50@iprimus.com.au. Peace & good health to all. Mobile: +61 0435 167 463 (INT') 0435167463 (AUST') Email : tezza50@iprimus.com.au



This is a bit of a mix of what I mainly do when creating art . Using nature as my canvas shooting creations and getting visions of what I want to create . Love it !


This image came second at the Global Photo Awards 2010 in Still Life . Flowers are high on my create list .


This image won an honourable mention in the International Photography Awards 2012 . This white rose was so perfect for what i wanted .

The 12 Apostles “The 12 Apostles”

This image Won Landscape Photographer of the Year at the Global Photo Awards 2010 . I had a 2 week break from work so i headed to The 12 Apostles along the great ocean road which is one of the best scenic drives in the world . I was after a day shot of the Apostles and was able to capture this image of the Apostles .

3D “3D”

This image won a Bronze award at the Landscape 500 Photography Awards 2010 . This image was captured the same day as the 12 Apostles image . The view is located on the other side of them . To capture this image i used the Hypofocal focus technique to create a 3 dimensional image .


I captured this image when i went whale watching , there were a few dolphins around the boat so here was another opportunity for more art . As i like using all of the artistic tools available i chose the most vibrant because this is the emotion you feel when surrounded by these unique species .


This image i wanted to do something different . Showing the dolphin in a different digital medium .


I captured this image at the melbourne zoo . A very tricky image to capture due to the sun at about 10 o'clock .


An addorable Tassie Devil . These species are in danger of extinction due to Tumour Fascial Disease .


I was on holidays in EDEN , N.S.W , Australia to go whale watching . I always get excited going whale watching as you never know what your going to get . My main objective was to capture a whale tail , this was my goal . I was pretty focused , you have to be to capture these special moments .


Holidaying in EDEN , N.S.W , Australia i was able to capture this special moment of this pair heading out to there destination .


One of my greatest creations from my vision and adventure .


Another one of my favourites . This has won a few awards .

Abstract Expressionism

I've been working on these abstract expressionism artworks for some time and now have enough for everyone to see now. I hope you like what I have been able to create.