Zina Chmielowski

Zina Chmielowski

Location: Canada

Always an artist, Zina began studying fine art, design and literature in Eastern Europe, then
continued her study of art at the Ontario College of Art and Design University following her
move to Canada in 1982. Since completion of the program, she has developed her career
and her talent through a wide range of professional experience and ongoing education.
She continues to thrive and expand within and into various forms of artistic expression,
including fine art, illustration and hand-painted furniture (for adults and children!)


Women and passions

I have a strong passion for painterly illustrate women in a whimsical way expressing a close and emotional collection to dessert... A metaphor for unconditional love

I do too “I do too”

Passion for a wedding cake - metaphor for a special commitment

Rendez-vous avec Chocolate “Rendez-vous avec Chocolate”

Rendez-vous with Mr Right....

Fine Balance “Fine Balance”

Solving dilemma and an obvious choice...