Lily Adamczyk

Primarily self taught Lily has been creating images with oils for over 40 years. she started painting the beaches of Southern California and found water and clouds to be among her favorite subjects from a hidden brook or lazy stream to a majestic seascape. Since relocating to Las Vegas she has found a passion for the beautiful desert landscapes. “Some of the first things people notice about Lily's paintings are the vibrant colors,and attention to detail that draw your attention to the mood of each piece.”

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Lily's Favorites

Just a few pieces to share with my artist friends...These will be a collection of oils and acrylics...

Trees in The Mist “Trees in The Mist”

24x24 oil on canvas...

Rainy Night at the Pub “Rainy Night at the Pub”

24x30 oil on canvas

Rainy Nights “Rainy Nights”

18x24 oil on canvas

Quaint Village “Quaint Village”

18x24 oil on canvas