Yelena S Patskevich

I am a local Milwaukee artist who specializes in impressionist-style oil paintings. I began to dedicate myself to painting full-time in 2007 and started getting recognition in Milwaukee and all over the Midwest, with multiple exhibitions. To me, painting is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life, and my passion is visible in every brushstroke as I pour my heart into my art. It's through colors, that I pass on my emotions and character to those viewing my work.


Milwaukee Life

Capturing the many sights and scenes around Milwaukee, where I paint everything from nature to urban landscapes to people. A snapshot of my life experiences. A few of the paintings are from my travels outside of Milwaukee as well.

Autumn is coming “Autumn is coming”

I painted this from below of my neighbors house right as the leaves start changing colors. There's a steep hill going down to the river right past the house..

Bright Day Before Snowfall “Bright Day Before Snowfall”

A gorgeous view of a local Glendale park. It was the last warm day before snow was predicted the next day. The contrast of all the trees and the ground made this view stand out.

Callie the Cat “Callie the Cat”

My calico cat in her favorite position. Sometimes I feel like she can tell I'm painting her and starts to pose for me.

Blue Christmas Night “Blue Christmas Night”

One of my few night-time paintings. This house lit up on Christmas eve amidst the snow really stood out, and there was a beautiful contrast of colors.

Bird Diplomacy “Bird Diplomacy”

When I was visiting Florida, I noticed a few local ducks having some sort of argument. After a few minutes, the argument ended and the ducks became friendly with each other again and swam off together. This made me think about how so many of our politicians should take an example from ducks.

Jasmin Blooming “Jasmin Blooming”

My neighbor has a beautiful Jasmin tree that was blooming in his garden. The way the sunlight was shining through the flowers and the colors it created made me capture it as quickly as possible.