Diana Van Wijk

Diana van Wijk (Rotterdam,1976) started painting in a very dark period in her life. She felt the need to make joyful and colourful paintings because in daily life that was the hardest to find. The world can use some colour! When she paints there is no perfection, pressure or judgement. A day feels like an hour. In that same studio there is an art space to follow workshops and she welcomes others with the same need to let them be free to play and develop a positive feeling about themself while creating. Now she is able to make a dark history a strong and powerful future. Her paintings are colourfull abstracts with an expressionistic touch. Playfull and free. A joy to look at. And thats just the way she wants you to feel while looking!


Colourfull paintings

These paintings are my favorites.
Colourful, joyful. Made in 2014
A time they had to be made. Because darkness had overcome.

Big Magic “Big Magic”

This painting is my favorite. Able to make a joyful and balanced scenery that bursts with colour. And that on the darkest day ever.
Acrylic on canvas
60 by 80 centimeters with a wooden frame
Price: email me please

Playing “Playing”

Playing with paint. No perfectionism just coincidence. Turning right how I wanted it to be.
Acrylic on canvas
60 centimeters by 80 with a wooden frame
Price : please email me

Bursting out “Bursting out”

This painting I made in springtime.Wishing it to burst with sunshine and warmth. It can be really cold in Holland. So it took a few months to get there!
Acrylic on canvas
60 by 80 centimeters with a wooden frame
Price: please send me an email