! Karine Andriasyan

Karine Andriasyan, 1967, is an artist based in Moscow, Russia.
She works primarily in watercolor but also in other media.

She is a self-taught artist who came into the art world after quitting the office job. "I do not have formal art education but will never stop learning and raising the bar for myself." - says Karine.

Karine expresses the beauty of a moment in landscapes, still life and other themes but her favorite area of exploration is a cityscape and she finds it especially exciting to express the atmosphere and the dynamic street life as well as the colors and the beauty of old and modern architecture through the means of the most lively, breathing and hard-to-tame medium such as watercolor.

Karine started to exhibit in 2019. Her works have participated in several juried shows in Moscow, and a number of art shows and international festivals are planned for the coming months.

Many of Karine's artworks are in private collections in the USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Russia and Armenia.

Visit Karine's portfolio website www.kariandr.com for more artworks and information.


City Walks

City walks as a series of watercolor cityscape paintings that describe the atmosphere of streets in old towns or large cities.
More information can be found on the portfolio website www.kariandr.com

Riding Along “Riding Along”

Watercolor painting on 140lbs archival paper
Size 16"x10"

Walking in Brugge “Walking in Brugge”

Watercolor on 140lbs archival paper
size 16"x12"

Elusive Winter Sunlight “Elusive Winter Sunlight”

Watercolor on 140lbs archival paper
size 16"x12"

Locarno Beach “Locarno Beach”

Watercolor painting on 140lbs archival paper
size 16"x22"

Spring Morning in Paris “Spring Morning in Paris ”

Watercolor on 140lbs paper
size 11"x16"

(SOLD! Please visit my portfolio website for more artwork and information)

Summer Plein Air

As the lockdown got eased I tried to use every opportunity to paint outside, although I did not travel far away from home. In this collection, you will find a few works from many I have done on location. To see more paintings, visit my personal website www.kariandr.com

A church in the park “A church in the park”

Acrylics on canvas panel, 25 x 35 cm