Rob Heath

Rob Heath

Location: France

Creation of art for me is a release from the highly regulated and micro-controlled world of business and finance. ..A diametric opposite that allows complete freedom to just begin without knowing the route. No detailed preconceptions or detailed studies, just raw inspiration and expressionism. It is creation, unhindered by perfectionism.
Like surfing a wave for the first time… Exhilarating, not knowing where it’ll take you or for how long you’ll have to fight to get it just right… and always learning how to get back on track after a total wipe-out blows your confidence.
Exposure to: the artistic elements, to critique and to self-analysis. These harsh judges can cut deep. …But the pleasure is ‘riding the wave’ by trying new methods, new materials and new subjects.
For all these reasons, my style is loose and representative; Abstract expressionism with an overdose of tangible colour and relief.


Abstract Cityscapes and Waterfronts

An abstract tangible collection of urban cityscapes and waterfronts depicting the vibes and the atmosphere of well known places... although some are fictitious...

Lady of Liberty “Lady of Liberty”

Inspired by the site.
Acrylic and media on XL Studio Canvas. 100cm x 80cm x 5cm

Spirit of NYC “Spirit of NYC”

The vibe and constant energy flow from the city that never sleeps. The Soul of the city is music.
Acrylic and mixed media on XL Studio Canvas. 120cm x 80cm x 5cm

In the shadow of the Tower “In the shadow of the Tower”

An imaginary waterfront in acrylic and media on canvas. 60cm x 60cm

Time for reflection - space for reflection “Time for reflection - space for reflection”

My hommage to the families and victims of the 911 WTC tragedy. An extremely emotional piece to paint and the white space signifies that nothing can ever replace the traic loss incurred on that day.
Acrylic and media on XXL Studio canvas. 120cm x 80cm x 8cm

Figuratve works

Portraits and figurative work in acrylics and oil Pastel

Into the limelight “Into the limelight”

Acrylic impasto on XL Studio Canvas 120cm x 80cm x 5cm

Geisha tear “Geisha tear”

Who knows what lies behind the mask of the Geisha..? Happiness, pride, sadness?
Acrylic on canvas 60cm x 60cm.

Red silky memories “Red silky memories”

Acrylic and pastel on tintoretto wood panel.
70cm x 50cm

In search of a better tomorrow “In search of a better tomorrow”

Speed and discovery. An abstract image of the relentless struggle to explore and find somewhere different, somewhere better for the future.
Acrylic on XL Studio canvas 120cm x 80cm x 5cm

Tears of a clown “Tears of a clown”

Hidden emotions. what lies behind the clown's mask?
Pastel on colourfix suede art paper, behind glass.

La femme - le regard “La femme - le regard”

Oil pastel on paper, behind glass. 51cm x 41cm

Contemporary works

Various subjects of a contemporary nature.

Timeshift “Timeshift”

You can;t change time but can you shift into a parallel dimension?
Acrylic on XL Studio canvas. 100cm x 80cm x 5cm

Orange cascade... ot toxic nightmare? “Orange cascade... ot toxic nightmare?”

Acrylic and media on XL Studio canvas 100cm x 70cm x 5cm.
A natural occurence of silt being washed over a cascade?... or an environmental disaster of pollution spreading through our rivers?...

Thai Lilly “Thai Lilly”

Explosive colour from Thailand.
Acrylic on XL Studio canvas 100cm x 80cm 5cm

Jeux des lumieres No1 “Jeux des lumieres No1”

Oil on canvas 80cm x 80cm.
Abstract expressionism of light dancing. 2011