Agnieszka Kukawska

Agnieszka Kukawska- born in Poland, graduated from Art School and worked as a teacher in her home country for 10years. Currently living in South Bend, Indiana and teaching Abstract Art, Photography & Filming at Perley Fine Arts Academy. Successfully presented her works at Art Shows and individual exhibits in South Bend, Chicago, Nappannee, Baroda, Elkhart,...Developed her own creative and unique style of painting, taking photos and creating short videos on YouTube. She presents most of her artworks on SaatchiAr, Pinterest, FB, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and T Gallery.


Touch of Purple ...but only sometimes

acrylic painting on canvas,22/28"

"Fighting Dreamers " “"Fighting Dreamers "”

the set of two acrylic paintings, 16/20" each

"Forceful Exertion" “"Forceful Exertion"”

the set of two acrylic paintings on canvas, 16/20" each

"The Purple Garden" “"The Purple Garden"”

acrylic painting on thick paper, 22/28"

"Prelude to Dream" “"Prelude to Dream"”

acrylic painting on paper, 22/28"

"The Purple Landscape" “"The Purple Landscape"”

acrylic painting on paper, 29/26"

"Forceful Exertion" “"Forceful Exertion"”

acrylic painting on canvas,16/20"

"The Colors of Paris" “"The Colors of Paris"”

acrylic painting on paper, 22/28"

"The Evening Light" “"The Evening Light"”

acrylic painting on board, 24/34"

'The Edge of the Earth" “'The Edge of the Earth"”

acrylic painting on paper,22/28"