Todd K Fox

Todd is currently at McRea Art Studios, in downtown Orlando, Florida and has been a fulltime artist for 17 years. Todd is a self-taught artist who has enriched his artistic talents by taking classes under Grady Kimsey. Todd is presently achieving his Degree in Art History, through ASU, online courses.

Todd has participated in many art festivals and his work has been displayed in many galleries throughout the United States. His work is found in permanent collections of: Bank of America, Tampa, FL, Teco Peoples Gas, Clearwater, FL, and personal collection of Stone Phillips, (former co-anchor of Dateline NBC) and numbers other individual collectors.

His work has been published in Florida Design Magazine, 2001, and numerous other newspaper publications.



Mixed media of primarily clay, faience, copper screen,oil paint, fabric, steel, found objects, repurposed materials & varnish.

Osanyin “Osanyin”

Mixed Media sculpture primarily clay, faience, repurposed materials and steel. 20"W x 36"H x 20"D