Wayne Millett

Wayne Millett

Location: Canada

I've always had a fascination for painting images, ever since the age of five when I discovered a treasure trove of discarded paint cans which I proceeded to splatter over everything in sight, including myself. After graduating from Concordia University in the mid 80s with a B.F.A. degree I started working almost immediately as a freelance illustrator in advertising, doing everything from storyboard sketches to acrylic and airbrush final artwork. But I kept honing my painting skills on various personal projects starting with acrylic paint on canvas and masonite board and eventually switching to oils. Later I made the jump to television animation and spent over 12 years polishing my design and drawing skills as a location (background) artist, garnishing a daytime Emmy Award certificate along the way. After evolving to the digital world of animation I learned the essentials of the tools of the trade such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and After Effects, but I continued to work on my own paintings in my spare time. In fact Photoshop has become an important sketch tool in my traditional painting process, making colour and composition decisions quicker and more convenient. I continue to strive for new horizons in my art, going beyond what the eye can see and by merging balanced and harmonious design with the chaotic energy of the brush stroke. You can find my work here: waynemillett.blogspt.ca


Wayne's Paintings

Colourful works from my portfolio of oil paintings in a variety of subject matter.

Ours to Explore “Ours to Explore”

A colourful painting in oils of an aquatic adventure by kayak. Measures 24" by 24"

The Communicator “The Communicator”

A young teen texts a friend while sitting on his own atop a pile of gym mats. Colourfully depicted in oils on canvas it measures 16" X 24".

Phaedras “Phaedras”

A colourful image of a classic steam train seen from an interesting angle and painting in vivid oil paints on a canvas measuring 24" X 48".