Jacky Berting

Jacky Berting

Location: Canada

Berting Glass was established by Jacqueline Berting in 1992 after the unveiling of the Glass Wheatfield, A salute to Farmers, encompassing 14,000 waist high glass wheat stalks. After the unveiling people from all over the world were requesting a smaller version, a symbol of the grand project, a little something to remind them of their Saskatchewan heritage. Together with her husband James Clark, a showroom and workshop have been set up on their acreage near Cupar. Through the generous support they have received she is able to employee people from the community.

Berting Glass supplies glass gifts to over 90 gift shops and galleries across Canada, as well as creating one of a kind art works, commissions, installations and awards. These glass gifts have been presented to dignitaries, celebrities, members of the Royal Family, The President of the Ukraine, NHL Stars, Guest Speakers, and relatives and friends from around the world. The glass wheat has become a unique symbol for Saskatchewan and the prairies, and is a favorite gift for someone who has everything, conferences, weddings, anniversaries, and many formal events.

Jacqueline received a Medal of Honor in 2005 for her contribution to Saskatchewan through her art. She donates to countless Charities and fundraisers across Canada. James and Jacqueline continue to make and create new and inspiring work each year.