Birgitte Hansen

Birgitte Hansen

Location: Denmark

I am a Danish visual artist. Since 2016 I have been an active exhibitor in art associations and galleries.

I find inspiration in nature, the landscape, Danish architecture, and Scandinavian design. I have been particularly fascinated by working with paper, and collage has been my preferred means of expression. In recent years I have developed a great love for graphic printing and in the isolation of the corona, I have rediscovered the beauty of the classic paper cut. The love of color, shape, and texture, and the sheer joy of creating, is my biggest motivation.

Paper is a very delicate material. It softens and yellows and colored paper fades very easily in ordinary daylight. In my work, I am particularly interested in colors, compositions, and textures, which is why I use the exclusive giclee art print for my prints. Here, lightfast pigment colors are used which enhance colors and texture, and I perceive each print as a work of art.


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