Dr.székely Aranka

Dr.Székely Aranka

Location: Hungary

Aranka Székely dr.’s biography
She was born in Transylvania(Romania). Having graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures(Romania) in 1990, she relocated to Hungary in order to board-certify in internal medicine, family medicine and occupational health. Currently she runs her private medical practice in Alsózsolca, Miskolc and Borsodivánka(Hungary).
„It wasn’t enough for her to save lives as a practitioner doctor, but she has brought magic into the world with her artistic mind”-says her doughter.
Although she always felt the creative energies of her deeper being, she didn’t express it till three years ago when she couldn’t neglect it anymore and started painting. After experimenting with several techniques, she has found her favorite mediums-acrylic, watercolor, pastel using vivid colours for landscapes, still-lives or portraits. Many of her paintings resemble the beautiful landscape of Transylvania where she was born, other paintings express her feminity.The living colours and bold forms of her master-pieces bring joy to everyone who experiences them.
Her master-pieces were displayed and awarded at solo and group-exhibitions . Many of her works were published in art magazins and yearbooks.A lot of her masterpieces are displayed on on-line galleries from Europe and USA.

Exhibitions: Miskolc(Hungary:2018, 2019)
Rome(Italy:2019, 2020,2021)
Florence(Italy, 2020,2021)
Publication: ”The New Art Book 2019”
„Art International Contemporary Magazine”
„Artisti” international art magazine
„The great encyclopedia of international art”
„50 artists to invest in”
Awards: International Prize „Art Selection Museum”
International Prize „Giotto”
International Prize”Leonardo da Vinci”
International Prize „Artist of the Year 2020”
Fiestalonia,Dali’s mustache contest,III.Prize
International Prize Raffaelo&Canova
International Prize David-Michelangelo
Fiestalonia,Dali's mustache contest, I.Prize
International Prize Dante Alighieri
International Prize The Best 2021 Modern and
Contemporary artists

website: www.artintheworld.net


The joy of creating

I love painting,it's more than a hobby.Creating fills the hole in my life.

Bright poppies “Bright poppies”

I love the harmony of the flowers

Shadows and lights “Shadows and lights”

watercolor painting

Italian idyll “Italian idyll”

Watercolor painting

Boulevard “Boulevard”

acrylic on canvas

Golden tulips “Golden tulips”

acrylic on canvas

Autumn forest “Autumn forest”

acrylic on canvas

Puppy “Puppy”