David Barbero Domeño

David Barbero Domeño

Location: Spain

When the person interpretation is the interpretation of their works, you can probably get
to know them, better than in any other way.
I have a degree in philosophy and I have photography studies, as well as a self-taught
poet and artist. As one great thinker said, nothing human is alien to me.
Life is a constant change, so the creative process, as a phenomenon with life, is
constant experimentation.
Ideas flow in me without pause. I think, then I exist, and I believe, then I exist.
I started with creative processes with poetic discipline, to expand to others, from the
world of art and literature.
Painting, personally, is a therapeutic process, through which I capture, on the canvas,
without any logical elaboration, my feelings, both positive and negative.
I leave you the pleasure of experiencing my work, and that my feelings come together
in creating it, with yours when you look at it ...


Irrational work

Life is abstract, like ideas, like feelings. That is why I meddle in a subjective, proper and abstract art.

I like to transmit imperceptible feelings ... that the only one who enjoys them or suffers them is me.
and now I show them, without compassion and with passion.

Consistency “Consistency”

89.5-73 cm. Acrilyc on canvas.

This painting is an impulse where my senses flourish, and the abstract of my being, expresses how hidden there is in me.

Price- 1300 €

Impulse “Impulse”

89.5-73 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

When you act on the subject, but leave him a little freedom, it surprises you.

Price- 1300€

Imperfect geometry “Imperfect geometry”

73-54 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Is math always perfect?

Price- 1000€

Internal sign “Internal sign”

60-56 cm.

The interior has to be heard ... art is a method of doing it.

Price- 1000€

Abstract reality “Abstract reality”


Charcoal, acrylic, earth on canvas

There are as many realities as perceptions.

Price- 900€

Globality “Globality”


Sprite graffity, brush, fabric, earth, acrylic paint

Globality must have a spherical shape, the elements within it live in harmony whenever they want.

Price- 1000€

Measure “Measure”


Acrylic paint.

Everything has a meaning, even if it is subjective.

Price- 800€

Big face 2 “Big face 2”

73-60 cm

The brightest heads.

Dirt, leaves and acrylic paint.


Big face 1 “Big face 1”


When thought becomes painting.

Brush, dirt and acrylic paint.


Conjunction “Conjunction”


Abstraction is a way of life.

Grafitty sprite and acrylic paint.

1200 €

Eclecticism “Eclecticism”

80-60 cm
Life and knowledge are based on diverse influences ... we are not alone, and that comforts us.

Acrylic paint


Fusion “Fusion”

80-80 cm
Painting as life is dispersed, it is difficult to make it concrete.

Acrylic paint