George Chountas

george chountas

Location: Greece

George Chountas(born 1976) lives and works in Athens, Greece. He has graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Athens2008).He has worked with Nikos Charalampidis at "Arab Guggenheim Museum" project and has also participated in the following art exhibitions:

Solo exhibitions. 2022: Floating Land, PES POLYTROPON, Athens, Kalyvia Attikis.

Group excibitions. 2022.EVERJESIA,Art Space Oddity Project by Nikos Charalampidis,PES POLYTROPON Athens, Kalyvia Attiki-2022: Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus - STIGMA. 2021: Municipal Art Gallery Dimitris Mitaras, Chalkida Greece - “Krypton” 2021: Italian Cultural Institute, Athens Greece, “Dante” Fantasy of icons 2019: Helexpo, Thessaloniki Greece - "This era their expectations" Cheapart 84th TIF 2012: Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki Greece - "Frankfurt kitchen" a project by Nikos Charalampidis 2009: Rome, Paris, Berlin - "20th anniversary of Berlin's wall fall" 2006: French Institute - "Poetry in images" 2005: Aktor, Athens Greece - "Container