Jo Pervan

New Zealand born and raised, Jo Pervan has been sculpting and painting for several years. A fascination with people, contrast, shadow and form is evident in the smooth simple lines she strives for. Her work has been described as stylised with bold contrast and texture. Living in rural Waikato with her husband and three children, she considers herself a mixed media artist still enjoying many mediums on her path of discovery.



Tear “Tear”

Hinuera Stone & Stainless Steel

Approx 1m x 400mm

K.I.S.S “K.I.S.S”

Hinuera stone

Approx 1m x 1m

NZ paua seas “NZ paua seas”

Acrylic and mixed media on board

230mm x 280mm

NZ paua “NZ paua”

Mixed media and acrylic on canvas

300mm x 400mm