Kathy Linden

I am a painter who lives in Florida. I love acrylics, charcoal and pastels.
I love the world around me and find beauty and expression in all things.
Realism has always been a specialty of mine, but I am finding much pleasure in exploring more figurative work. It is fun to allow the viewer to perceive what they will...from my imagination!



It's Raining It's Pouring “It's Raining It's Pouring”

A large acrylic on linen canvas, professionally framed and finished with a very high gloss finish to enhance the mood of the work

Oh  Happy Day 1 “Oh Happy Day 1”

This is a large semi abstract with a hint if what is. It's a fun piece, uncomplicated with a bit of texture

Celebration of Aspens “Celebration of Aspens”

A very heavily textured and colorful figurative acrylic done with palette knives. When I look at the world around me, I see color. All sorts of colors. Nothing is simply black or white. It is a figurative manner of expression. A touch of reality, and a touch of an artist's eye.

Secret Garden “Secret Garden”

An abstract developed with the use of fluid acrylics and gel mediums. No brushes were used, but by allowing the paint to flow freely shapes began form and suddenly I had a composition that made sense to me!